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Passion. It's what drives us, motivates us, and makes us do things that others may find to be absolutely crazy. It's difficult not to have a pure love and passion for fishing. Some may call it a fishin' addiction, and that can be perfectly valid, but we see it as a true passion for fishing and pure love of being on the water searching for that next bite.


Our passion for fishing as well as our competitive nature is what drives us at Fish DownSea. Our goal is to create innovative fishing tackle that is high quality, affordable, and helps fishermen throughout the world put more fish on their deck and more flags on their riggers. As a charter captain, mate, and tournament fishermen, we work hard every day we are on the water to be the best and deliver an amazing experience through anyone's eyes, and this is the same effort we put into our products here at Fish Downsea.


Sailfish with Fish Downsea 2.0 hanging

Fish DownSea is owned and operated by fishermen who are on the water every day guiding and charter fishing, they know what it takes to catch fish, and they design all of their tackle based on what they see is needed on the water. Would you rather get tackle from a company that fishes for a living, or a company that makes tackle for a living? Luckily for us, we do both!

Today Fish DownSea Tackle Company produces lures that are like no other in the industry. Our tackle has been used by many top crews throughout numerous fishing locations, and have been credited to help crews get the competitive edge they need in tournaments to consistently stay on top. We plan to continue coming out with more products that are easy to use and help fishermen catch more fish.

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