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This Fish Downsea Chugger is the regular size chugger which measures at a 1" diameter face with very minimal concave and 4.5" long. The regular chugger was designed to be your all aorund chugger head being small enough for sails, smaller marlin like white marlin, mahi, and tuna to easily swallow but also apealling enough for blue marlin to entice a bite.


CLICK HERE to see how to Rig Fish Downsea Chugger Heads for Circle Hook Use.


Fish Downsea Chuggers are designed to have a very soft head so billfish can easily clamp down and swallow your bait for that perfect circle hook feed, but still throw that smoke and bubble trail you are looking for out of a chugger. Deadly when rigged with ballyhoo or flying fish, the Fish Downsea Chuggers were made with circle hook fishing in mind with a larger hole to more easily pass your swivel, o-ring, or floss through. That being said, the Fish Downsea Chugger can easily be used with J-Hook applications as well. The larger cavity in the head allows your bait, especially ballyhoo to slip inside the chugger head making it one uniform bait.


This Chugger is Black and Purple.

Black Purple Chugger

SKU: Chug02-303BLKPRPL
  • -1" diameter, slightly concave face

    -4.5" in length

    -deep cavity in the head to allow ballyhoo to easily slide in and set into place

    -very soft construction for real feel

    -center hole large enough to easily pass your rigging needle through making circle hook rigging simple and easy.

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