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Fish Downsea... Because You'll Catch More...
Fish Downsea is always working hard to bring you tackle tested and proven by the pros. What better way to prove our tackle then by having the pros use it and win tournaments throughout the globe with our tackle? We work hard to bring you tackle you can rely on from Fish Downsea. We have so much to choose from. Innovative tackle like the Dredge Shads, our Fish Downsea Chuggers, Party Hats, Party Skirts, and more. We are always working hard to bring new and exciting tackle to you that will put more fish on your deck and more flags on your riggers. Best of luck on the water!!!
Deep Blue Dredge Shads Showcase_edited_e
15 Dredge DS Blue_edited_edited.jpg
Excited Squid Dredge close up_edited_edi
Black DS Blue TF towing 2_edited_edited.
fish downsea shirt_edited_edited.jpg
Chugger Head Display_edited_edited.jpg
Purple Pink showcase_edited_edited.jpg
Blue Flying Fish Chain ready to deploy_e
UW sail downsea blue 1_edited_edited.png
PS Black and Purple Showcase_edited_edit
Wahoo on Black Red Wahoojo_edited_edited
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