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Be sure to choose from the drop down menu if you want them unrigged, or rigged with a "long pin" or "short pin".


The Fish Downsea 10" Bait Fish is made with a formula that will hold up to being dragged on dredges behind your boat while fishing for pelagics every day. Fish Downsea Bait Fish come in an unrigged option which are great ballyhoo replacements for hook baits, or a pre rigged option making them excellent for dredge baits.


The pre-rigged option comes with either a "long pin" which is just long enough to allow a dredge flare or other dredge head to cover your shad, or with a "short pin" option for those who wish to run the dredge shads naked or on the backs of our Mimic Dredges.


This Fish Downsea bait Fish is colored Glow in the Dark and sold per piece.

Glow 10" Bait Fish

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