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The Wahoojo is ready to be clipped on and whack some wahoo. Our Wahoojo measures out at 13 inches with a heavy head, plenty of flash to catch a wahoo's eye, and two free swinging hooks for a better hookup ratio from wahoo's hard hitting bites! It also features heavy duty connections and a heavy head that helps the lure stay down in the water column where the Wahoo will find it. The double hook rig has the first hook up and the stinger hook set down at 180 degrees.


This Wahoojo is Black and Red

Black and Red Wahoojo

  • We recommend you rig your Wahoojo with 5 feet of 480-600# stranded cable out in front of it. The heavy head of the Wahoojo helps it stay down in the water column all by itself and can be trolled at speeds of 5-14+ knots.

    The Wahoojo is especially deadly when you add an inline trolling weight that is 32-80 ounces in front of it with 20 feet of 200-300# shock leader in between the weight and the wahoojo. This pulls especially well from the flat line position if you're trolling 6-10 knots. Anything at 10+ you are high speed wahoo fishing and really it's up to you where you want to place this in your spread.

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