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The 2oz Tuna Flare is an excellent choice for a skirt over your ballyhoo when you are trolling for tuna, mahi, and other pelagic species. The Fish DownSea Tuna Flare easily allows up to 400# leader to pass through it. The eyes are key for predators to hone in on their prey and the eyes on the tuna flares our eyes stand out to help get that bite! They are weighted just right with the 2 ounce lead heads allowing them to have a skip and swim action that tuna and other pelagics can't resist. Measures out at 7.5 inches long.

This Tuna Flare comes in 10 colors with flash, a black and purple inner squid skirt, and a black head.


BE SURE to choose whether you want this Tuna Flare Unrigged or Rigged from the Drop Down Menu. The Options are:

Unrigged: gets you this 2oz Tuna Flare to rig yourself

5' Pin Rig: this rig is made for the regular quick connection to a snap swivel at the end of your line via a loop in the leader. Rigged with just a little more then 5' of 130# fluorcarbon leader, a 1/2 ounce chin weight, and a 9/0 Mustad 7691DT Hook. Attach your ballyhoo with either a rubber band or a piece of wire.

25' WindOn Pin Rig: this rig is made for stealth, a long 25' leader of 130# fluorcarbon leader that has a 9/0 Mustad 7691DT hook and a 1/2 ounce chin weight on the business end. Attach your ballyhoo with either a rubber band or a piece of wire. At the connection end this rig has a 130# Spro Power Swivel that will pass easily through most rod guides on 50#+ setups. This rig keep any hardware far from your bait so the fish won't see it and allows you to crank the fish straight into the gaff shot.

Perfect 10 2oz Tuna Flare

  • Best when rigged with 130-220# fluorocarbon leader with a, 8/0-10/0 hook (preferably Mustad 7691) and a 1/4-3/4 ounce chin weight for the ballyhoo (preferably medium to horse size ballyhoo depending on what size fish you are targeting).

    The larger hole in the head of our 2oz Tuna Flares allow you to easily switch out colors throughout the day on your rigs since they can pass over top of a loop connection or most wind on swivel.

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