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Our MIMIC Dredges are meant to truly "match the hatch". They throw a massive profile with their 13" shell squids that also have a swimming action unlike other squids on today's dredges with other companies. These dredges help bring hungry pelagics into your spread, especially billfish! The are rigged and ready to tow behind your boat, and so easy to use. 


At the end of each squid chain is a snap swivel in case you would like to add a natural bait chaser such as mullets or ballyhoo, or even add our 9" dredge shads to get the extra action out of your MIMIC Dredge.


The Flying Fish Dredge is a Blue and purple sparkle color meant to mimic a Flying Fish. This dredge comes with 12 chains of 4, 13 inch shell squids in a row making a dredge full of 48 Flying Fish colored shell squids.


Be sure to choose from the drop down menu if you want the Mimic Dredge as squids only or with our 9" dredge shads snapped on the back of each chain in the last squid in the chain. We also have replacement chains available as well.

Flying Fish Dredge

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