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This Mojo is tied in Crystal Hair that glows so well in the water and is a popular Striper (aka Striped Bass, Rockfish, Linesiders) color. It is rigged with a 16, 24, or 32 ounce (be sure to choose the size you want) lead head that is designed to run true with less drag and will get down in the water column to the fish easier. The head is also made to hold up to bottom bouncing and hit after hit from fish. We use stainless steel hardware instead of brass so you don't have to worry about the hardware/connections wearing out when you are getting fish after fish on the Fish Downsea Striper Mojo. On the business end, the Fish Downsea Mojo has a Mustad 12/0 hook and comes rigged with our superior Fish Downsea pearl glittered shad body. The hook is rigged to stay upright and swing freely back and forth for better action with your shad body and a better hookup ratio. SOLD per 1 rigged Mojo.

Pearl Mojo (16, 24, 32 Ounce)

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